Air Wars 2

1. How to Play Air Wars 2
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Air Wars 2 multiplayer game is for those who love air battles. The craziest thing is that you own the jet which you can upgrade or buy new one when you get enough money from missions you complete. If you create the account and sing in with your username you’ll have the possibility to create the room and choose the map: City or Island.

Upgrading your jet and weapons lets you to become professional jet pilot step by step.

You can upgrade: Speed, Gun Damage, Gun Recharge, Shield, Shield Recharge, Turbo, Turbo Recharge.

How to Play Air Wars 2
After first air battle you’ll feel how to fly not to be killed easily. Join the room with your friends to adapt well.

Move – WASD
Shoot – Left Mouse-Click
Cockpit Mode – C
Chat – Enter

Air Wars 2 is developed by Martian Games