Combat Reloaded

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Combat Reloaded is the high quality multiplayer first person shooting game with quite a lot of maps you can select when creating the room. First of all when you jump into Combat Reloaded it’s on you which way you want to play: guest or registered member. If you wish to save the progress it’s strongly recommended to create account and play as the registered user.

You need to choose the nearest server location to get the best latency. Server locations: North America, Europe, South America, Asia.

We strongly recommend you to play Combat Reloaded on fullscreen mode.

Developer: Combat Reloaded is developed by NadGames in late 2016.

Move – WASD
Jump – Spacebar
Aim/Shoot – Mouse
Reload – R
Change Weapon – Q
Fullscreen Mode – P

Combat Reloaded Walkthrough: