If you want to participate in real western duel, Gunblood will perfectly fit your desire. There are 10 characters you can pick and play with him/her. Difficulty is 20% in first level and it increases until the final 9th level to 100%. If you get the high score don’t forget to submit it to take your place in leaderboard.

How to play Gunblood
Place the mouse over chamber and after 3 seconds you need to shoot as fast as possible to kill your opponent otherwise you’ll be killed.

Gunblood Cheats
When choosing the name select one of the following and press “CHEAT”
Pointer – The laser pointer will be added to your gun.
Moreammo – Countless ammo.
Fastfire – Now you can shoot much faster.
Nohit – You’re bulletproof.

Gunblood is developed by Wolf Games

Gunblood Walkthrough