Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is the shooting game where the main character is a cowboy with a shotgun and your mission is to stop the wave of bad boys. By killing them you get some money to upgrade your weapon and unlock new characters: sniper and bomber. Teaming with them up will make you undefeated. Go to “Weapon Store” to unlock and pick any weapon you want.

How to Play Mafia Wars?
Pay attention on hint before starting a level – you’ll get the exact instructions. Considering that every weapon needs to be reloaded, you need to save bullets and use them in appropriate time.

Don’t let bad boys get closer to the barricades and don’t forget to repair if it’s damaged.

You need only mouse to play Mafia Wars.

Mafia Wars is developed by BeedoGames in 2020.

Mafia Wars Walkthrough