SCP 096

SCP 096 Modest is the survival game where you need to escape from dark tunnels, when this time SCP-096 is hunting on you. This creature is mentally disturbed so he mostly sits against the wall and cries, screams and moans. If you see his face he becomes aggressive and will not stop until he kills you. So be careful and quite on your way finding the way out of this dark place.

What The SCP 096 Object Look Like?
SCP 096 is the mutant object created to kill. He is up to 2.5 meters high and the length of his long hands – 1.5 meters each. He has the pale skin because of pigmentation – he always hides in dark, quite places. He has no any body hair.

How to Play SCP 096 Modest?
You have only the flashlight to get out of this scariest tunnels. Hiding and moving slowly is the key not to be found by this creature but keep in mind it’s still possible to face him. If he chase you, run and don’t look back.

Move – WASD and mouse
Jump – Spacebar
Flashlight – F
Run – Shift

SCP 096 Gameplay