Sniper Team 2

1. How to Play Sniper Team 2
2. Controls
3. Sniper Team 2 Walkthrough

At Sniper Team 2 you need to be the real team player, otherwise your team members will be defeated. Your team takes position on different locations to make it easy to destroy all your enemy. There are 10 levels with 10 different missions and it’s advisable that you complete missions at a specified time to get the prestige bonus.

Your team consists of four members with different skills: health, accuracy and speed.

How to play Sniper Team 2?
Every player owns 2 weapons which can be changed with better one, for that you need to win missions and get money. Switching fast from one member to another is the key – you need to destroy your enemy as fast as possible.

Note: If any member dies your mission fails as well.

Aim/Shoot – Mouse
Toggle Zoom – Space
Zoom – X/Shift
Reload – R
Switch Weapon – Q
Call Air Support – E
Switch Sniper – 1 to 4

Sniper Team 2 Walkthrough